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  " Deadly Wildfires in California."

  " Forest Fires spreads Kansas City."

  " Alabama forests feel the extreme heat."

   Agents J and K kept reading the hot sheets from the news stand as they fixedly turning the pages. They were glancing at each other when they thought of someone who was not around in the headquarters.

  " Slick, those fires had been a series of strange incidents," the elderly partner said in his usual serious face. 

  " Oh, the Pyronians have done it," J grinned and shrugged. " K, why can't we tell Agent Y's fellas not to burn forests. You knew those fire aliens got angry after a terrible space crash landing. They're too hot and nasty to handle."

  " No, sport.." K pounded the tabloid and pointed at the headlines. " It's not the Pyronians' scorching activity.."

  " What are you talkin' about?"

  " Remember what happened to P? He's mutated by those strange medications and that Inhuman's blood." 

  " Yeah, that's why he became Pyromaniac the Avenger in Black." J laughed as he found the conversation too obvious about it. " K, we knew that already. P's one of the MIB's assets. He's a superhero, too. He's not gonna do those forest fires."

  " Okay, what if he did?"

  J gulped as he heard his senior partner's words. He was dumbfounded when he couldn't answer the question. K was very suspicious and dubious of this sudden turnabout which it was a very puzzling theory. 

  " K.. you're kidding me, aren't ya?"

  " I'm just making a speculation from Agent P's numerous absences. The Methane Boys kept asking me of his return from the Avengers' Tokyo mission few days ago. Agent Y became too worried about him."

  " Oh, that makes sense. I've never noticed him in his department. This time, E has been an acting head of the MIB Cyber Archives. He's too busy to do a lot of job there."

  " Earth-slick is also asking me that same question. He insists the chief to bring back P to his job."

  Suddenly, the two MIBs received a call from their chief. It was a very urgent one to receive. J took his phone and answered.

  " J, here.."

  " J, this is O. There's a spacecraft landed in the Connecticut outskirts. You need to inspect the crash landing immediately."
  " Got it, O.. thanks." J ended his call and turned to his partner. " K, we've got a situation in Connecticut. It's a crash landing."

  " Very good, sport. We'll be going there."

  On the Atlantic shores of Connecticut, there was a spacecraft with the same size of a normal Earth automobile. But, its features were way too different. Its hatch opened when a male blue-skinned creature appeared. He was very vigilant as he took his weapon. Watching on the surroundings, he carefully moved his head to and fro to search for his future enemy. He stepped on the Earth's white sands when someone arrived on the landing area. The alien was ready to confront his next opponent. 

  " Who are you?" the blue skinned alien indignantly asked. " You, humans tend to interfere my mission."

  " Greetings," the African-American man gave him a warm smile. " I'm Agent J of the Men in Black. And this is my old partner, K."

  " We're here to inspect your landing site before the civilians come. Please do not display your hostility at this moment. We're here to help."

  " HELP, I don't need your help. I'm here to stop Alveus' upcoming threat! He's back to destroy anyone in this planet, again!"

  " What do you mean ' you don't need help'? C' mon, we're just trying to be civilized, here. And who the heck is Alveus?!"

  " Slick.." K stared at his partner and turned to the alien. " I apologize from my partner's angry behavior. I understood that you're from the Kree race and looking for that dreadful Inhuman enemy. We are here to support your cause."

  The Kree man never answered as he listened to the elderly man and sighed. He felt being compelled to say anything to the 2 MIBs.

  " I'm Gabriel Nebula from planet Hala. If you're helping me with this cause, I won't allow you to do so. Alveus can kill anyone this time, including all of you. This is my warning to stay away from Inhumans who got infected!"

   The two Men in Black were attentively listening as they got surprised to the Kree man's prediction. Agent J shrugged and raised his eyebrows like he couldn't believe in what he had said.

  " Alveus? Hive? K, I thought he's dead.."

  " Slick, Dead or alive, we need more precautionary measures."

  " The SHIELD took him away when the Quinjet bomb got exploded.."

  " We're still looking for more answers from this Kree kid."

  " What about the Inhumans?! Daisy Johnson, Agents P, Y, and the others.."

  " Daisy's safe. We need to find out immediately before he infects them.."

  Gabriel sighed and said, " Well, if that is the case. I'm going to help you, but first bring me to your faction. I will let you know how to stop him."

   " Y, I had to see you.."

  " P, what's going on?" Agent Y was too curious and concerned as she saw blood stains soiled my clothes. I returned to the MIB headquarters after several days. She tightly hugged me like a wife who had found her missing husband for a long time. " I was worried when you're gone. What took you so long?"

 " It's a secret mission.." I answered. " I need to do something before someone will hurt the civilians.."

  " You seemed like you've been killing some aliens,lately.." 

  " What do you mean?"

  " Don't you notice the blood on your face and shirt?!" Y felt anxious and raised her tone. " I knew that you came from Tokyo with the Avengers, but you never told me of your other mission. Everyone's got worried about you. Please tell me what happened to you. I need to know.."

  I was being cornered by the blonde MIB's words. She wanted to know everything from me. But my master told me not to tell anything I did. Her face became too dubious as I was about to speak.

  " I can't. I'm sorry.."

  " I won't tell anyone about it." she tightly held my hand and looked at me straightly into my eyes. " I promise I'll kept as a secret."

  " Y.." I spoke. " I felt like a prisoner here.."

  " P, what are you talking about?"

  " I don't want to be an MIB agent, anymore.."

  " What about your Avengers involvement?"

  " I left them for some reasons."

  " I don't understand."

  " Hive has made me like this.."

   " P.. what did you do?"

   " I murdered another Inhuman in Vale City when he asked me to do so. It was three days ago. Alveus said that he wasn't worthy to exist."

   " What about the forest fires several days before?"

   " I set them. My new master wanted me to scorch everything and everyone."

   Agent Y was in shock in what I've said. Her iris were turning to red when she felt anger. I sensed she was about to burn, but she controlled herself in doing so. Instead, she showed her sincere concern to me.
  " I knew Alveus had disappeared in the Quinjet explosion." I continued.
" But he returned to fulfill what he wanted. When I met him in Tokyo, I felt liberated from all of those things that hinder me. I left the Avengers to do a special work with him for days."

  " P, he's using you! You're sick!"

  " I'm free.."

  " You don't understand. I've heard about him. He destroyed Daisy in SHIELD and let Lincoln die in space! I realized that I could be next in his infestation. He's brainwashing you!!"

  " No, I felt happier than before.." I grinned.

  " You get it. You have a new life after the White Fang mission. I saved your life from death."

  " I already knew that, but this one is perfect. I found the answer and it's beautiful. It's a bond."

  " P, we have the same aura and semblance. We have a bond through the same blood. Beautiful?"

  " Y, it's more different. His semblance had turned me to be more powerful."

  " That Alveus guy can sway you! You're Pyromaniac! You can stop him from destroying all of us!"

  " He liberates me. Do you want to spend together with me? We'll have freedom in this singularity. Come with me.."

  " No..." Agent Y became terrified at my infected aura. " You're not the Agent P, I met before. I'll do anything to get you safe from him!"

  " Well, we can be together.."

  " P, NO!!"

  " Looks like you've rejected to join me. Goodbye, Yang.."










Hive Infects: Chapter 2: Brainwashed Syndrome
The mysterious forest fires and some terrible incidents had occurred. The Kree Huntsman meets the MIB for the evil Inhuman singularity had returned again..

Agent Y (Yang Xiao Long) was too worried of my sudden changes. Will she save me from my infestation?


Please read the previous chapter:…

Gabriel Nebula is a RWBY character created by megurinefaith1023..

Yang Xiao Long/ RWBY belongs to Roosterteeth and Monty Oum.
Men in Black from Sony Pictures and MARVEL.
Alveus(Hive)/ Agents of SHIELD from Stan Lee, MARVEL, and ABC

Thanks to Madame megurinefaith1023  for the cover-art. She made a Yandere version of me. It's such a badass to see my darker side.

Roosterteeth had announced from their website about this upcoming RWBY series after the Season 3's darker plot. 

The trailer seems to be cute, humorous, and tends to have a lighter plot for children.

This will be a next attraction this coming May. 


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Paul Benjamin DC Williams
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Thanks to e31, You can ask me anything about MIB and the other Solarsystem Agents especially the Methane Boys.

Please read my full bio written by megurinefaith1023:

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